Balance & Sport

Not only good for the environment, but also for body & mind!

The range of MyGoodFoods has been expanded with several new products. These new products are products that are even more responsible and healthy. Products that are not only 100% organic, but we could also call: light. We will not use the term light , because it is associated with artificial sweeteners rather than with healthy.

Therefore, it is : MyGoodFoods – Balance & Sport .

We try to keep the MyGoodFoods Balance & Sport products really healthy by minimizing the use of sugar , salt and fat. In addition, we add valuable organic and natural supplements for optimal health products .

MyGoodFoods Balance & Sport :

  • No added sugars or at least 30% less sugar !
  • Naturally sweetened with Stevia , agave or honey !
  • At least 30% less fat !
  • Enriched with superfoods like chia seeds and goji berries
  • Rich in Fibres & Full of antioxidants

And of course :

  • 100% certified organic
  • sustainable, CO2 – neutral and / or fair trade production
  • No artificial sweeteners , flavors or colors !

It is important to take care of our world, but also to take care of our body & mind!

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